great coffee. right music.

Attract new


Retain existing costumers

for your Café.

With the perfect music, you can attract new customers. If someone strolls past your café and hears music that touches and appeals, the decision to stop in is quickly made. After all, we guarantee you a music mix that is precisely tailored to your target group and needs. At the same time, our music makes your guests feel comfortable, order something to go with their coffee and come back again. With music that disturbs or is inappropriate, it remains with a quick coffee to go and possibly leads to a "goodbye never again". To make sure this doesn't happen, we offer you customized playlists for your target group and your needs - packed in our MUSICBOXDLX.


Music attracts guests.

We tailor your music perfectly to your target group and thus automatically draw their attention to your café. You stand out directly from the competition and attract your guests easily. You don't have to do anything else - just press play.

More sales through the right playlists.

With the perfect music, you create the best atmosphere in your café and thus increase the well-being and satisfaction of your guests. In this way, you manage to retain your guests, extend their dwell time and thus increase your sales.

Music binds guests.

Since you offer your guests an all-around perfect atmosphere by harmonizing your offer and the music perfectly, your guests will come back again and again. A special ambience invites to feel good and remains in the head: The choice will always fall on your café.

guest loyalty


Longer stays.
Higher sales.


Music that fits the time
and day of the week

What is legally permitted?

Music streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer or Apple Music are licensed for private use only.
The MUSICBOXDLX guarentees perfectly suited music in every situtaion – of course, also in the commercial sector.
Go the legal way with your business - with our MUSICBOXDLX.


Not legal for
commercial use.


Not legal for
commercial use.

apple music

Not legal for
commercial use.


Licensed for
commercial use.

Trusted by

Our powerhouse. Equipped with high-tech.

  • Unique feedback channel
  • Continuous optimization of the individual music offer
  • Simple feedback function on touchscreen
  • Music can be adjusted to special situations
  • Special songs like Happy Birthday possible
  • Own music pieces can be deposited
  • Music psychological evaluation
  • Editorial interpretation of real-time data
  • Program adapts to the brand and target group



Get customized music for your business from a network of thousands of MUSICBOXDLXs worldwide. We offer a feedback system and a music editorial team that looks at the boxes‘ votes and learns from them to always pick the best music individually.

In addition, we have generated an AI that constantly measures and analyzes the music usage of our customers around the world to deliver the perfect playlist for your business and your customers.


Bill monthly
Bill annually


Original Abo

89,00 €

plus VAT

// Up to 4 music catalogs

// Personal advice

// No advertising


Premium Abo

129,00 €

plus VAT

// Up to 8 music catalogs

// Personal advice

// No advertising


Enterprise Abo


// Up to X music catalogs

// Personal advice

// No advertising